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Patient Care Committee

Sets Clinical Priorities for the QI/PS

The Medical Patient Care Committee (MPCC) sets the clinical priorities for the departmental Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QI/PS) program.

Committee Members

The MPCC includes leading clinicians and educators in the Department as well as affiliated nursing leaders.

Ensures Proper Coordination of the Multiple Disciplines

Each meeting seeks to ensure proper coordination of the multiple disciplines (nurses, pharmacists, trainees, Medicine faculty) in the analysis, design, and implementation of interventions relevant to the care of patients in the medical service.

Meeting Format

A typical agenda includes:

  • The overall medical service dashboard, which includes indicators such as catheter-related bloodstream infections, pressure ulcer reports, staff retention rates, hand hygiene, falls, and staff and patient satisfaction.
  • Special issues, concerns or announcements, such as plans to renovate an inpatient floor or issues referred by the Medical Peer Review Committee.
  • Progress reports on existing projects relevant to the medical service, such as educational projects and team training.
  • Selection of initiatives to emphasize in the coming months, along with identification of the resources necessary to complete them.

Contact Information

Scot B. Sternberg, MS
Administrative Director, Quality
Department of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215