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Meet Our Team


Martin R. Pollak, MD, Chief, Division of Nephrology

Robert S. Brown, MD, Clinical Chief, Division of Nephrology 

Stewart H. Lecker, MD, PhD, Director, Fellowship Program, Division Of Nephrology


Seth L. Alper, MD, PhD

Marta Christov, MD, PhD 

Robert A. Cohen, MD 

John A. D'Elia. MD 

John Danziger, MD

Bradley M. Denker, MD 

David J. Friedman, MD

Alexander S. Goldfarb, MD, PhD

Melanie P. Hoenig, MD

Antoine Kaldany, MD

S. Ananth Karumanchi, MD

Didier Mandelbrot, MD

Walter P. Mutter, MD

Samir M. Parikh, MD

Martha Pavlakis, MD

Johannes S. Schlondorff, MD, PhD

Robert C. Stanton, MD

Theodore I. Steinman, MD

Mark E. Williams, MD

Mark L. Zeidel, MD


West Specialty Clinic


Donna Daly, NP

Lisa Dumouchel, NP

Kerry Falvey, Practice Manager

Lauris Gutierrez, Practice Assistant

Whitney Morgan, Medical Assistant




Administrative Office


Jeannie Minnelli

Kate Nadir

Holly Rivera


Contact Information

Division of Nephrology
Department of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
West Campus/Farr 8
185 Pilgrim Road
Boston, MA 02215