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Meet Our Team

The Infectious Disease Team at BIDMC is composed of Infectious Diseases board certified experts with complementary interests.  In addition to being national or international leaders in their individual areas of interest, many are on the boards of regional, national and international organizations that deal with health and healthcare policy.

Administrative Staff

Peter Weller, MD, Division Chief
Mary LaSalvia, MD, Clinical Director and Director of Patient Safety and Quality
Wendy Stead, MD, Fellowship Program Director
Nick Lord, Division Manager
Mary Stone, Practice Manager
Mimi Gunning, Administrative Coordinator

Clinical Staff


Albrecht, Mary A. 
Alonso, Carolyn
Baden, Rachel Pam
D'Agata, Erika M.
Eliopoulos, George M. 
Fingeroth, Joyce
Gold, Howard Seth
Graham, Camilla
Karchmer, Adolf W.
Krakower, Douglas S.
LaSalvia, Mary T.
Matthews, Lynn T. 
Mayer, Kenneth 
Mitty, Jennifer A.
Panther, Lori A.
Pollock, Nira
Rowley, Christopher F.
Shapiro, Roger L.
Snyder, Graham M.
Stead, Wendy
Tan, Chen (Sabrina)
Wong, Michael Thomas  
Wigmore, Robin
Wright, Sharon Beth Brodie
Yassa, David

ID Clinic Nurses

Laurie McGuire, RN

Social Worker

Amy Goldmann, LICSW, MSW

Practice Assistants (ID Clinic)

Ceejay Powell
Kadian Mullings
Katrina Boswell
Nancy Leary

Medical Assistant

Christina Fowler

Clinic Manager (ID and Travel)

Mary Stone

Contact Information

Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Lowry Medical Office Building, Suite GB
110 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02215