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HIV Treatment Program

The HIV Clinic, established in the early 1980s, was one of the first medical establishments in New England to specialize in the compassionate care of HIV+ patients and their loved ones. The clinic has 17 physicians who are experienced with counseling and testing, staging and treating HIV, opportunistic infections, and the potential complications associated with treatment. This physician-driven clinic provides primary care for patients with HIV infection and consultative care, working along with the patient's primary care physician. Social workers are available in the clinic, and referrals to subspecialists in all fields of medicine, surgery and psychiatry are also available. The medical center participates in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocols as well as other NIH and non-NIH sponsored investigational studies being done to further knowledge about HIV infection. All studies are available to patients who wish to participate. Educational materials concerning various aspects of health care for those with HIV infection also are available to patients and their families.

Five programs address special needs of HIV-infected patients.

  • The Antiretroviral Salvage Program:

    Physicians who have special expertise in using HIV genotype and phenotype information can help plan alternative antiretroviral therapies for patients for whom their present treatment is not effective as a consequence of viral resistance or complications from existing or prior medications. Access to new antiretroviral agents not currently FDA approved is also possible by compassionate release or research trials. 

  • Cervical and Anal Dysplasia Program:

    This is a multispecialty service (surgery, oncology and infectious disease physicians) to evaluate patients for coinfection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the potential for developing anogenital cancer.  Dr. Lori Panther is the director of this program.

  • Hepatitis C- HIV Coinfection Program:

    A comprehensive program for the screening and treatment of HIV+ patients who are coinfected with hepatitis B (HBV) or hepatitis C (HCV) is available in the ID Clinic.  Dr. Rachel Baden is the director of this program.

  • Women's HIV Treatment Program: 

    Women with HIV have unique needs and represent a rising demographic in the epidemic.  It is with this understanding that we approach the care of women with HIV infection.  Our team of caregivers, including members from nursing, social work, and pharmacy, work closely with physicians to address these unique needs and to meet the challenges that women with HIV face.

  • HIV-Transplantation Clinic:

    Our center is a leader in providing liver and kidney transplants for patients with HIV. We are part of an NIH sponsored, multi-center, multi-year study evaluating outcomes of liver and kidney transplants in HIV positive patients.  We are the only such center approved by the NIH in New England.   We have expertise in the management of the complicated medical regimens that are common following transplantation.  Our team of transplant surgeons, hepatologists, nephrologists, Infectious Diseases physicians, Pharmacists and Nurses work together to help manage the care of patients in this program, before, during and after transplantation.  We work closely with primary care physicians, to ensure continuity of care and to provide the highest possible standard of health care.  Dr. Michael Wong is the director of this program.


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HIV Clinic
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Lowry Medical Office Building
110 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02215