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Any Condition That Damages Your Aortic Valve

Any condition that damages your aortic valve can cause aortic insufficiency. Among the most common causes are:

  • Deterioration of the Valve With Age 

    The aortic valve opens and shuts tens of thousands of times a day, every day. Aortic valve insufficiency may result from age-related wear and tear.

  • Aortic insufficiency is a condition that occurs when your heart's aortic valve doesn't close tightly enough.Aortic Dissection

    A sudden tear in the aorta associated with aneurysm, hypertension, trauma or some congenital defects.

  • Congenital Valve Problems

  • Endocarditis

    The aortic valve may be damaged by this infection inside your heart that involves heart valves.

  • Rheumatic Fever

    This complication of strep throat was once a common childhood illness in the United States. It can damage the aortic valve, leading to aortic valve regurgitation later on.

  • High Blood Pressure

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