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Steven Salhanick, MD

Residency and Training

Internship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center-Surgery 1993-1994 (Worcester, MA)

Strong Memorial Hospital Residency 1994-1997 (Rochester, NY)

Clinical Fellowship: Medical Toxicology, Children's Hospital, Boston 2001-2003

Research Fellowship: Ruth L Kirschstein Fellow, Childrens hospital, Boston 2003-2006

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor of Medicine

About Dr. Salhanick

My current activities are primarily patient care, research and teaching, with a focus on the care of patients with acute drug toxicity. My research focuses on acute acetaminophen toxicity. I spend considerable time in the practice of my specialty area of Medical Toxicology as well.

Major Publications

Salhanick SD, Orlow D, Holt D, Pavlides S, Reenstra W, Buras JA, Endothelially Derived Nitric Oxide Affects the Severity of Early Acetaminophen Induced Hepatic Injury, Academic Emergency Medicine, 2006; 13 479-85.

Salhanick SD, Belikoff B, Orlow D, Holt D, Reenstra W, Buras JA, Hyperbaric Oxygen Reduces Acetaminophen Toxicity and Increases HIF-1a Expression, Academic Emergency Medicine, 2006; 13 707-714..

Salhanick SD, Shannon MW, Management of Calcium Channel Antagonist Toxicity, Drug Safety, 26 (2) 2003.

Salhanick SD, Shannon MW, Acetaminophen, in Haddad and Winchester's Clinical Management of Poisoning and Drug Overdose (4th Edition), Editors: Borron SW, Burns M, Shannon MW, Philadelphia, WB Saunders, 2007


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