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Peter Rosen, MD

Residency and Training

Surgery - Highland County Hospital, Oakland, CA

Academic Rank

Senior Lecturer in Medicine

About Dr. Rosen

Dr. Rosen is one of the international leaders in the field of emergency medicine and truly one of the pioneers and founding fathers of the specialty. He is the editor emeritus of Rosen's Principles and Practice of Emergency Medicine, the flagship textbook in the field. He served as editor in chief of the Journal of Emergency Medicine for nearly 3 decades. He has taught, mentored and counseled a generation of emergency physicians, who are now teaching, mentoring and counseling yet another. He remains active in all of these endeavors including clinical practice, teaching, writing and editing. There is little in the field that his hand has not touched.

Major Publications

It would be difficult to summarize Dr. Rosen's "major publications."
He has written hundreds of articles, editorials, book chapters, opinion pieces and was founding editor of Rosen's textbook. He has served as editor for nearly two dozen other emergency medicine textbooks and handbooks as well. He remains a prodigious writer.



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