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Maureen Chase, MD MPH

Residency and Training

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 2005
Research Fellowship Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 2006
Masters in Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health 2012

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor

About Dr. Chase

Many topics in Emergency Medicine have yet to receive focused study and much of the information that we as emergency physicians use to guide clinical care comes from other specialties. Unfortunately, these data do not always translate well to our undifferentiated ED patients. The unifying theme of my research interests is to create evidence-based tools to better inform physician decision-making and clinical care.

Major Publications

Chase M, Joyce NR, Carney E, Salciccioli JD, Vinton D, Donnino MW, Edlow JE.  ED patients with   vertigo: can we identify clinical factors associated with acute stroke? American Journal of Emergency Medicine 2012; 30(4):587-91. PMID: 21524878.
Chase M, Klasco, R, Joyce NR, Donnino MW, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI. Predictors of Bacteremia in   
           Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Infection. American Journal of Emergency Medicine;
           Epub 2012 May 23.  PMID:22626814.

Chase M, Robey JM, Zogby KE, Sease KL, Shofer FS, Hollander JE. Prospective validation of the TIMI Risk Score in the emergency department chest pain population. Annals of Emergency Medicine 2006; 48(3): 252-9.

Chase M, Brown AM, Robey JL, Pollack CV, Shofer FS, Hollander JE. Prognostic value of symptoms during a normal or nonspecific electrocardiogram in ED patients with potential acute coronary syndrome. Academic Emergency Medicine 2006; 13(10): 1034-9.

Chase M, Brown AM, Robey JL, Zogby KE, Shofer FS, Chmielewski L, Hollander JE. Application of the TIMI Risk Score in Emergency Department Patients with Cocaine Associated Chest Pain. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 2007; 25 (9): 1015-8.

Chase M, Hollander JE. Volume and outcome: the more patients the better? Annals of Emergency Medicine 2006; 48(6): 657-9.

Hollander JE, Chase M. Evaluation of Chest Pain in the Emergency Department. In:UpToDate. Rose BD (Ed). UpToDate, Waltham, MA, 2007.


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