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Jonathan Edlow, MD

Residency and Training

Internal Medicine, Boston City Hospital 1981

Academic Rank


About Dr. Edlow

Dr. Edlow's major areas of focus are tick-borne diseases and neurological emergencies. His major current area of investigation is avoiding misdiagnosis of neurological emergencies. Specifically, his focus is helping physicians make an early and correct diagnosis of patients presenting with focal weakness (stroke and TIA), dizziness (especially avoiding misdiagnosis of acute cerebrovascular syndromes) and headache (especially diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage).

Major Publications

Edlow, JA and Caplan, LR; Avoiding pitfalls in the diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage; New England Journal of Medicine; 242: 29-36; 2000.

Edlow, JA and Wyer, PC; How good is a negative cranial CT in excluding subarachnoid hemorrhage?; Annals of Emergency Medicine; 36: 507-516; 2000.

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16. Newman-Toker D, Camargo C, Pelletier A, Hsieh YH and Edlow JA; Disconnect between charted vestibular diagnoses and ED management decisions: a cross-sectional analysis from a nationally-representative sample; Academic Emergency Medicine; 16: 970-77; 2009.

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Edlow, JA, Malek A and Ogilvy CS; Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage - update for emergency physicians; Journal of Emergency Medicine; 34: 237-51; 2008.

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Edlow JA, Panagos PD, Godwin SA, Thomas TL and Decker WW; Clinical Policy: Critical issues in the evaluation and management of adult patients presenting to the Emergency Department with acute headache; Annals of Emergency Medicine; 52(4): 407-36; 2008.

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Ullman E and Edlow, JA; Complete heart block complicating the head impulse test; Archives of Neurology; (in-press).

Edlow, JA; What are the unintended consequences of changing the diagnostic paradigm for subarachnoid hemorrhage after brain computed tomography to computed tomographic angiography in place of lumbar puncture? Academic Emergency Medicine; (in-press).


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