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Jonathan Burstein, MD

Residency and Training

Stony Brook Emergency Department

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor

State EMS Medical Director for Massachusetts

About Dr. Burstein

Dr. Bustein's insterests include: Emergency medical services effectiveness, quality, and training;  disaster medicine; toxicology.

Recent Publications

Epstein SK, Burstein JL, Case RB, Gardner AF, Herman SH, Hirshon JM, Jermyn JW, McKay MP, Mitchiner JC, Sullivan WP, Wagner MJ, Beer S, Tiberi L, Price C, Cunningham R, Wilkerson D, Bromley M, Geist M, Gore L, Singh CA, Wheeler G, Gleason SF, Decker J, Gwinner VM, Schwalberg RH. The National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine: Evaluating the Emergency Care Environment State by State 2009 Edition. Ann Emerg Med. 2009 January;53(1):4-148.

Ganz A, Yu X, Schafer J, D'Hauwe D, Nathanson LA, Burstein J, et al. DIORAMA: Dynamic Information Collection and Resource Tracking Architecture. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2010 September;1:386-389.

Fares S, Femino M, Sayah A, Weiner D, Yim ES, Douthwright S, Molloy MS, Karkoukli MA, Lipton R, Burstein JL, Mazrouei MA, Ciottone G. Healthcare System Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Through Academic Collaboration: The Abu Dhabi Project and Lessons Learned. Disasters. 2012. (In press).


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