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Christopher Fischer, MD

Residency and Training

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency 2007

Chief Resident 2006-2007

Academic Rank


About Dr. Fischer

Dr. Fischer is the Assistant Director of Emergency Department Operations at BIDMC. His research interests include improving the care of geriatric patients in the ED, investigation of novel biomarkers of infection, and the effects of ED crowding on patient safety.

Major Publications

Fischer CM, Yano K, Aird WC, Shapiro NI. Abnormal coagulation tests obtained in the emergency department are associated with mortality in patients with suspected infection. J Emerg Med. Jun 11 2010.

Fischer C, Goldstein J, Edlow J. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in the emergency department: retrospective analysis of 17 cases and review of the literature. J Emerg Med. Feb 2010;38(2):140-147.

Shapiro NI, Yano K, Sorasaki M, Fischer C, Shih SC, Aird WC. Skin biopsies demonstrate site-specific endothelial activation in mouse models of sepsis. J Vasc Res. 2009;46(5):495-502.

Grossman SA, Fischer C, Kancharla A, et al. Can Benign Etiologies Predict Benign Outcomes in High-risk Syncope Patients? J Emerg Med. Nov 17 2009.

Caterino JM, Kulchycki LK, Fischer CM, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI. Risk factors for death in elderly emergency department patients with suspected infection. J Am Geriatr Soc. Jul 2009;57(7):1184-1190.

Shapiro NI, Yano K, Okada H, Fischer CM. A prospective, observational study of soluble FLT-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor in sepsis. Shock. Apr 2008;29(4):452-457.

Grossman SA, Fischer C, Lipsitz LA, et al. Predicting adverse outcomes in syncope. J Emerg Med. Oct 2007;33(3):233-239.

Grossman SA, Fischer C, Bar JL, et al. The yield of head CT in syncope: a pilot study. Intern Emerg Med. Mar 2007;2(1):46-49.

Barkin AZ, Fischer CM, Berkman MR, Rosen CL. Blunt abdominal trauma and a diaphragmatic injury. J Emerg Med. Jan 2007;32(1):113-117.

Fischer CM, Smith JL, Sanchez LD. Headache in a patient with ulcerative colitis. Intern Emerg Med. 2006;1(2):155-159.


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