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Treatment Information

Treatment Information

This following information is a partial listing of treatments and procedures provided by the Advanced Endoscopy Center. The treatment information provided is not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Diagnostic testing and physician expertise are required for diagnosing your symptoms. Check with your physician to determine what may be causing your symptoms and the treatment that is right for you.


Enteroscopy is a procedure in which the inside of the small intestine is examined using an instrument called an enteroscope. During the procedure, the enteroscope is threaded through the small intestine. As it travels, a tiny video camera at its tip allows the gastroenterologist to look (on a video screen) for problems in the intestine such as bleeding or strictures.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a therapy in which a photoisomer is injected and is taken up by cancer cells. A specific light beam is then used to selectively destroy these tumor cells.


A stent is a wire tube that is used to keep a bile duct open. The stent travels to the bile duct on the tip of the catheter during ERCP. After the duct has been opened using an ERCP procedure, the stent stays in the bile duct to keep it open.