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Cancer Patient Navigators

"The diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening and paralyzing experience. For patients unfamiliar with the US healthcare system or with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), the sense of helplessness and being alone is exacerbated. Beth Israel Deaconess was one of the first hospitals in Boston to hire Cancer Patient Navigators to guide patients through the complex maze of diagnostic and treatment services.

For patients with Limited English, the Latina and Chinese Patient Navigators may be one of the few professionals who come from a similar background, and the trust that patients invest in the Navigator facilitates relationships with other caregivers.

Through the Cancer Patient Navigators, we hope to help patients find their "voices" to better understand their disease, treatment choices and follow up plans, and to advocate more effectively for themselves. "Having a navigator helped PUT MY MIND AT EASE …I can concentrate on getting better!" "The hospital seemed so bug compared to my community health center. I felt afraid and alone untile the navigator came and SHOWED ME THE WAY ." I had no one to be with me during my first chemotherapy treatment; I was scared. The navigator introducedc me to the Patient-to-Patient volunteers who are cancer survivors. I know then that I WAS NOT ALONE ."

Cancer Patient Navigator Brochures. Click to view:

English and Spanish brochure

English and Chinese brochure
Cancer Patient Navigator Compass