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South Cove Community Health Center

The premier health center for Asians in Massachusetts, South Cove Community Health Center serves 25,000 children and adults, primarily Chinese immigrants, in three locations. Recognizing the special needs of its community, South Cove developed targeted health programs in Hepatitis B/C, tuberculosis, and cancer (the leading cause of death in Boston's Chinese community). In 2005, South Cove added on-site mammography and increased tenfold the number of women screened annually for breast disease. In the first year of operation, South Cove identified nine women who had suspicious mammograms requiring additional diagnostic work-ups and/or breast cancer!

In addition to primary care, OB/GYN, eye and dental services, South Cove offers extensive Behavioral Health programming-a unique service for a culture in which mental health concerns carry great stigma. South Cove also provides a range of programs for youth including an Early Intervention Program for infants and toddlers with developmental issues and after-school and summer youth programs. Among its special initiatives with youth is Dr. Roland Tang's work with second graders on obesity and nutrition, and the swimming program for youth who suffer from asthma.

With 93% of its patients classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) with literacy levels at the 3rd grade (in Chinese), South Cove excels in facilitating care for its patients. South Cove has an extensive social services department that helps newly arrived individuals sign up for a range of services including health insurance (or Massachusetts' Health Safety Net Program for ineligible individuals), WIC's Nutrition Programs, housing programs, etc. South Cove delivers more than 300 babies annually and provides each family with a labor coach who accompanies the mother/father through their Labor and Delivery experience. With BIDMC, South Cove employs a Chinese Cancer Patient Navigator who provides support and guidance through the complex labyrinth of cancer services at the hospital. The Navigator is a trusted friendly guide who facilitates communication between families and the medical care team, while helping patients access transportation, financial benefits, and community-based services during and post-treatment

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Administrative Offices
South Cove Community Health Center
145 South Boston Street
Boston, MA 02111-2826

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Boston Health Center
South Cove Community Health Center
885 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

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Quincy Health Center
South Cove Community Health Center
435 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02170