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Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center

Observing that many homeless young people congregated on The Boston Commons, youth advocates joined with Children's Hospital Boston and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to found the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center. Specializing in the health and social service issues endemic to young people, ages 12 to 29, the Borum provides a safe setting for this vulnerable and traditionally disenfranchised group. Many of the Borum's patients are LGBT or questioning their sexuality, and have either runaway or have been thrown out of their homes. Their involvement in street life and the sex industry makes them particularly susceptible to a host of health issues.

Although the Borum operates a small health center located across from the Boston Commons, much of its work is actually accomplished through street outreach and in youth shelters. The Wayne Wright drop-in center offers a safe haven for youth, and Borum staff is regularly stationed at the center to engage youth in discussions about health. Outreach staff plays an important role in educating youth about HIV/AIDS (offer anonymous counseling and testing services as well as risk reduction strategies), sexual health and family planning, and substance use. In 2010, The Borum became part of Fenway Health and continues to provide the best quality health care for youth and young adults who may not feel comfortable going anywhere else.

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Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center
130 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116