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Champions of Change

Champions of Change
By Mary Alice Campbell

    I was chosen to be the 2011 Champion of Change in February 2011 and attended monthly meetings at BIDMC with other representatives throughout ambulatory services. During these meetings we discuss best practices, communication skills, diversity, and cultural awareness. We also learn team building skills to help prepare us for our projects. I am especially pleased that this was the first year that the Champions of Change visited Bowdoin for a tour of our health center. It was one of their favorite meetings! 
    My project, at Bowdoin, is centered on how we take messages from patients. I work with a pilot team including managers, nursing, and patient representatives and we initially reviewed current policies and practices. We developed a plan to streamline & prioritize the way we take messages using group messaging through our medical home teams. All messages are responded to within four hours, many sooner than that and every medical home team member knows when a message has been responded to and resolved. Perhaps most importantly, we learned that we can hold each other accountable without blame. I am pleased to be chosen as a Champion of Change and even more pleased that my project has been implemented and is helping to improve the patient experience at the health center.