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Best of Bowdoin E-newsletter Spring 2012

Increasing Patient Engagement
Bowdoin Street Health Center's recent recognition as a NCQA level III patient centered medical home (PCMH) is a testament to the health center's commitment to providing care that puts the patient front and center. Improving patient experience and engagement with medical care is a fundamental pillar of the PCMH and is the focus of one of the latest initiatives underway at Bowdoin.  Read More. . .

The Campaign for Wellness Reaches $1.8 million: The Staff Takes on the Challenge
The $3 million campaign to realize Bowdoin Street's long-held vision of creating a Wellness Center moved another step closer to goal as total gifts and pledges passed the $1.8 million mark. Read More. . .

Working with the Stars...
By: Philly Laptiste

Our featured star employee this month, Erline Tondreau, has been with the health center for more than four years. Erline is one of three Practice Representatives at Bowdoin Street. Erline is the first staff person patients see when they arrive at the health center and her broad smile and warm greeting provides a friendly welcome. Her job includes checking in patients, scheduling appointments and verifying insurance eligibility. Read More. . .

Champions of Change
By: Mary Alice Campbell

I was chosen to be the 2011 Champion of Change in February 2011 and attended monthly meetings at BIDMC with other representatives throughout ambulatory services.  During these meetings we discuss best practices, communication skills, diversity, and cultural awareness.
We also learn team building skills to help prepare us for our projects. I am especially pleased that this was the first year that the Champions of Change visited Bowdoin for a tour of our health center.  It was one of their favorite meetings! Read More. . .

Staff Donate $10K in Gift Cards to Bowdoin Street
The families of Bowdoin Street Health Center benefited from the generosity of BIDMC staff this past holiday season. Staff donated more than $10,000 worth of gift cards to local stores, says Adela Margules, Bowdoin Street's Executive Director. Read More. . .

Bowdoin Street Health Center
Patient Survey Corner Spring 2012
As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our patients with the best possible care, four times a year, we ask our patients to complete a patient satisfaction survey.
In February, 2012 we surveyed 242 patients who visited the health center.  Two hundred and fourteen people (88%) returned their surveys.  39% were Cape Verdean, 39% African American, 16% Latino, 3% Caucasian, 1% Asian and 2% were other. 34% were men  and 66% were women.
Our goal is to see our patients within 15 minutes of their appointment time at least 70% of the time.  Waiting time includes time spent in the waiting room or the exam room. Here is what you had to say: Read more. . .