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Commitments to The Campaign for Wellness pass 2.2 million dollars

Commitments to The Campaign for Wellness pass $2.2 million

The momentum continues to heat up through the summer as The Campaign for Wellness passed the $2.2 million mark toward our $3 million goal to build a Wellness Center at Bowdoin Street. 
    Lead commitments from campaign co-chairs Clay Deutsch and Foster Aborn reflect the passion that many people feel once they get to know Bowdoin Street. In making his extraordinary $150,000 pledge to the Wellness Campaign, Deutsch explained, "Participating fully in the American economy requires education and health. I believe community health is the urgent need of our time. At Bowdoin Street we have a model for community health delivery that works, limited only by resources. Every dollar invested in Bowdoin Street Health Center is multiplied many times. I'm excited to be a part of it." 
    Aborn's $75,000 pledge, which will support both Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Wellness Center at Bowdoin Street, reflects his long-term commitment to the hospital and his evolving relationship with Bowdoin Street. "I first came to Bowdoin Street three years ago to present a check for the Healthy Champions program. It was money raised by Boston Marathoners with runners' numbers donated by John Hancock. The more I hear, the more I realize that Bowdoin Street and Beth Israel Deaconess are leading the way in making wellness a priority in the healthcare of the future." 
    Additional grants of $50,000 from an anonymous Boston foundation and $9,000 from the Jane B. Cook 1992 Trust were among recent first-time donors to Bowdoin Street. The health center was also honored when the family of local merchant and long-time neighborhood resident, the late Leo Gaquin, chose to designate the Wellness Center as the beneficiary of gifts in his memory. 
    Executive Director Adela Margules believes the impact of these gifts will extend beyond the Bowdoin-Geneva community: "Investing these funds in the Wellness Center will provide more opportunities for people to stay healthy, in turn reducing future healthcare costs, which benefits all of us." 
    To donate to The Campaign for Wellness, contact Heather Clark at 617-754-0067 or donate online at: .
    All gifts from individuals will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Bowdoin Street Health Center's Board of Directors up to a total of $200,000.