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Bowdoin Street Health Center Patient Survey Corner

Bowdoin Street Health Center
Patient Survey Corner


As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our patients with the best possible care, four times a year we ask our patients to complete a patient satisfaction survey.
    In June, 2012 we surveyed 148 patients who visited the health center. One Hundred and thirty-eight people (93%) returned their surveys. 45% were Cape Verdean, 34% African American, 9% Latino, 4% Caucasian, 3% Asian and 5% were other. 38% were men and 62% were women.
    One of our goals, as a Patient Centered Medical Home, is to make sure that our patients receive information that helps them to take better care of their health and answers their questions and concerns. 

One question we asked was  "During your most recent visit, did your doctor or nurse give you easy to understand information about taking care of your health related questions or concerns?" 90 percent of patients replied that their doctor or nurse always gave them easy to understand information regarding their questions or concerns.

Another important question we asked was "Would you recommend Bowdoin Street Health Center to your friends and family"? 91 percent of patients replied that they would definitely recommend Bowdoin Street to their friends and family.