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Bowdoin Street Health Center Employee Spotlight

Bowdoin Street Health Center Employee Spotlight

This month's employee spotlight is focused on Teodora (Tea) Pereira Fernandes.

Tea is a medical assistant who has been employed at Bowdoin Street Health Center for almost seven years. She is a member of the Blue Sky Medical Home Team and works primarily with Dr. Leddy and her patients. She is originally from Cape Verde- Fogo Island. Tea speaks English, Portuguese, and Cape Verde Creole.
Tea describes her job as a medical assistant as "working with doctors and nurse practitioners to provide support to patients. I help with procedures, take vital signs and call patients to come back for appointments or lab results.

What can you tell me about the Patient Centered Medical Home? "I love it! We have created teams to take care of patients. I feel more confident. I have a team and I know who to direct questions to about patient care. I am learning new things every day."

What is the favorite Part of your job? "Coming in the morning to help patients- especially those who don't feel well. I am happy to use my skills to help patients."

What is your Dream Job? "Oh my goodness!! I always dreamed about becoming a nurse or doctor. …. Or a millionaire so I can stay home. You never know- maybe one day…"

What do you do to unwind? "To relax, I listen to music or do fun stuff with my family. I like hip hop and passada- traditional Cape Verdean music.

What kind of movies do you like? "The Notebook!" "I love that book and the movie. I just couldn't wait to see it."

What else do you want to tell us about yourself? "I am a very independent person. I am on the quiet side but I always keep myself busy."