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Success Stories

Smokey Eule and Frauke Huebner

Smokey Eule and Frauke Huebner are both  migraine sufferers on individualized treatment plans from our headache specialists. In this video, hear their stories and learn how they deal with debilitating symptoms.

Amy Goldfard

Being under Dr. Bernstein’s care allowed Amy to go back to work and the job she loves as an executive coach.

"On March 18, 2008, out of nowhere, I experienced a severe sudden headache--my first migraine. I suffered-in agony-for a few months. And, then I found Dr. Bernstein.

I call Dr. Bernstein the 'Goddess of Headaches.' She took me under her wing. She walked right beside me the whole time.

She thought she could get my  headaches under control. She told me we would keep trying different things until I got some relief. I had a spinal, two MRIs and various medications. Finally, a specific medication started to give me my life back. I had been out of work for a year at this point.

Dr. Bernstein never wavered in her devotion to me. She was passionate and she never gave up. She walked a fine line between hope and reality. I had been debilitated and severely depressed. She managed to help me be hopeful.

Perhaps the best part of interacting with her is that she listens and responds to what she sees and hears. We have two-way conversations. She quickly responds to my questions when I contact her.

I feel like once you are under her wing, she'll take care of you forever."

Jennifer Burgeson

Jennifer is building a new life for herself. She is so happy to be able to do things like return to her job as a teacher, go out socially with friends, and exercise. She visits Dr. Bernstein on an “as-needed” basis.

"I have suffered from migraines my whole life. As a teenager, they were really bad. I woke up with a migraine every single day for years.

A few years ago, I had complications from other health issues, and my migraines became even worse. I could only get relief for a few hours each day. The pain confined me to my bed, where I stayed in a dark room with ice packs on my forehead.

I went to many different doctors. I tried everything. Sometimes, pain medication masked the pain for me--until it wore off.

One day, my mother saw an article in our local newspaper that mentioned Dr. Bernstein. She liked what she read, and she encouraged me to see yet another doctor. Finally, I gave in.

Dr. Bernstein put me at ease right away. She is the kindest, most compassionate, sympathetic person. She understands, yet she is positive and motivating.

She told me it would be a slow process. We tried one thing at a time-she didn't just put me on a whole new treatment plan. She wanted to really understand how I responded to each treatment. She worked as a team with my other medical specialists. The time we spent was worth it.

My migraines are a lot better now. I don't have them everyday anymore. It's a miracle. I have about four or five a month instead of 30.

I am building a new life. I am able to work as a teacher again. I can go out socially with my friends. I no longer worry about having to cancel plans because of a migraine popping up. Because I am feeling better, I am eating better, and I am more physically active. I am even exercising a little.

When I go in for an appointment with Dr. Bernstein, I just feel like things are going to get better. I went from seeing her once a month to her telling me, 'Call me when you need me.'"

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