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Identify the most appropriate service at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to seek for specific conditions and procedures.

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Bacterial arthritis >> Infectious Disease, Orthopaedic Surgery

Bacterial endocarditis >> Cardiovascular Institute

Bacterial meningitis >> Infectious Disease, Neurology

Bacterial vaginosis >> OB/Gyn

Baker's cyst >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Balloon angioplasty >> Cardiovascular Institute

Bang's disease >> Infectious Disease

Bariatric surgery >> Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric sleeve >> Weight Loss Surgery

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass >> Weight Loss Surgery

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band >> Weight Loss Surgery

Barium enema >> Digestive Disease Center

Barium meal >> Digestive Disease Center

Barium swallow >> Digestive Disease Center

Barium x-ray >> Digestive Disease Center, Radiology

Barlow's syndrome >> Cardiovascular Institute

Barotitis media >> Otolaryngology

Barrett's esophagus >> Digestive Disease Center

Basal cell carcinoma >> Cancer Center

Baseball finger >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Batten disease >> Neurology

BCG vaccine >> Primary Care, Infectious Disease

Bed sores >> Dermatology, Primary Care

Behcet's disease >> Cardiovascular Institute

Bell's palsy >> Neurology, Infectious Disease

Benign breast masses >> Breast Care Center, OB/Gyn

Benign essential tremor >> Neurology

Benign fibrous histiocytoma >> Dermatology

Benign skin tumor >> Dermatology

Benign prostatic hyperplasia >> Urology

Berger's disease >> Nephrology, Transplant Institute

Berylliosis (Beryllium disease) >> Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery

Bicipital tendonitis >> Orthopaedic Surgery, Primary Care

Bilateral oophorectomy >> OB/Gyn

Biliary colic >> Digestive Disease Center

Bili lights >> Dermatology

Binge eating disorder >> Psychiatry

Binswanger's disease >> Neurology

Biopsy, bone marrow >> Cancer Center

Biopsy, breast >> Breast Care Center, Pathology

Biopsy, endometrial >> OB/Gyn, Pathology

Biopsy, liver >> Liver Center, Cancer Center, Pathology

Biopsy, lung and pleural >> Pathology, Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery

Biopsy, lymph node >> Cancer Center, Pathology

Biopsy, prostate >> Prostate Care Center, Pathology

Bipolar disorder >> Psychiatry

Bird flu >> Infectious Disease

Birthmarks >> Dermatology

Blocked tear duct >> Ophthalmology, Primary Care

Black eye >> Primary Care

Bladder cancer >> Cancer Center

Bladder infection >> Primary Care, Urology

Bladder prolapse >> OB/Gyn, Urology

Blepharitis >> Ophthalmology, Primary Care

Blepharoplasty >> Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Blood poisoning >> Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease

Body fat removal >> Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Boils >> Dermatology

Bone cancer >> Cancer Center

Bone fracture (Broken Bone) >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone graft >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone marrow biopsy >> Cancer Center, Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone marrow transplant (BMT) >> Cancer Center

Bone mineral density testing >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone scan >> Radiology

Bone scintigraphy >> Radiology

Borderline personality >> Psychiatry

Botox injection >> Cosmetic Dermatology

Botulinum toxin type A >> Cosmetic Dermatology

Botulism >> Infectious Disease, Digestive Disease Center

Bowel obstruction, mechanical >> Digestive Disease Center

BPD >> Psychiatry

Brachial plexus injury >> Orthopaedic Surgery

Brachytherapy >> Radiation Oncology

Bradycardia >> Cardiovascular Institute

Bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome >> Cardiovascular Institute

Brain Aneurysm >> Brain Aneurysm Institute

Brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) >> Brain Aneurysm Institute

Brain cancer (Brain tumor) >> Brain Tumor Center, Cancer Center

Brain tumor - astrocytoma >> Brain Tumor Center, Cancer Center

Brain tumor - glioblastoma multiforme >> Brain Tumor Center, Cancer Center

Break bone fever >> Infectious Disease

Breast augmentation >> Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast biopsy >> Breast Care Center, Pathology

Breast cancer >> Breast Care Center, Cancer Center

Breast cysts >> Breast Care Center

Breast MRI >> Radiology

Breast pain >> Cancer Center, Primary Care

Breast reconstruction >> Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reduction >> Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Breast x-ray >> Radiology

Breast surgery >> Breast Care Center, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Briquet's syndrome >> Cardiovascular Institute, Digestive Disease Center, Psychiatry

Bronchitis >> Primary Care, Pulmonology

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia >> Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery

Bronchoscopy >> Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery

Brucellosis >> Infectious Disease

Bruxism >> Primary Care, Psychiatry

Bulimia nervosa >> Psychiatry

Bunion >> Podiatry

Bunion removal >> Podiatry

Burch procedure >> OB/Gyn

Bursitis >> Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Services

Burner >> Orthopaedic Surgery

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