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On the Lighter Side

The Hungry Horrors

By Linda Trainor, RN, BSN

The Hungry HorrorsTummy to Tommy ... Tummy to Tommy …

Does not compute ... Does not compute …

Has your brain, like Tommy’s, ever failed to receive the message from your gut, letting you know that you are full and satiated after eating a well-balanced meal?

Have you ever thought, “Something is wrong in my world today, because everything on this planet seems so very tempting to munch, crunch, chew and swallow,” even though you’ve already had a good meal and healthy snack? You may wonder, do I have a bottomless pit for a stomach? Or, even if you’re well into your 30s, maybe I’m having some sort of growth spurt?

Have you had difficulty explaining an indescribable feeling of hunger during these spooky moments? Most importantly, has your hallowed day ever turned into a hallowed month? Have your holidays ever become Holi-months?

plastic spiders on celery sticksIf so, this is the time to be forewarned about the phenomenon known as the Hungry Horrors. Make no mistake; feeding into this type of hunger could result in a global horrification as everyone steps on to the scale on January 1, 2014. So take action now!

In the days and months ahead, you need to be armed and ready to face the Hungry Horrors. Don’t be tricked — treat this creepy and sometimes scary uprising hunger with these tidbits:

  • Free yourself by repeating or pasting this mantra on your refrigerator to escape the alluring food frenzy: One bite is too much, a thousand never enough to fill this type of hunger.

  • No need to buy a crystal ball; take a magic carpet ride and flash forward with your keen visualization skills to January 1, 2014. Imagine stepping on the scale and seeing your desired weight (or close to it) on that day. Just because you took a PEEK without the BOO into the future, you’ll remember to bite right rather than bite fright.

  • Use H2O to trap your hunger and pave your way through the maze … until that signal from your gut reaches your brain and reminds you that you’re most definitely full.

  • Ascend into gladness with a fun activity that requires two hands — arresting the temptation of descending into the Hungry Horrors madness.

Hunger beware: This lethal line-up will assure that your body is not haunted but deliciously healthy!

Above content provided by the Weight Loss Surgery Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your  medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted October 2013

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