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On the Lighter Side

Keep Extra Pounds from Haunting You

By Linda Trainor, RN, BSN

The spookiness of Halloween doesn’t necessarily go away when November arrives. Beware — it’s now officially pumpkinthat time of year when many of us gain unwanted extra pounds by turning the upcoming holidays into holi-months.

October 31 kicked off the season with innocent bites of snack-sized candy. Now savory, delicious, roasted, stuffed turkey and all the trimmings is creeping up on us. Following closely is December, when we embrace the holiday season with cookies, cakes, and festive foods at yuletide celebrations.

Ultimately, the day of reconciling is January 1.

The fact is that most Americans gain between five and 10 pounds between October 31 and December 31. You are not alone!  

However, with specific strategies in place during this time, you can keep those extra pounds from haunting you when the calendar turns to 2016:

keyboard buttons Ctrl Alt Don't EatCTRL+ALT+DON’T EAT

How many times do you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and whatever is on your computer screen disappears or fixes itself? Think of that this holiday season. It’s much better to remove the taste from your lips in order to prevent years on the hips. 

Wear Tight Clothes

Clothes too tight = time to eat right. If you wear loose clothing during and leading up to the New Year, it’s much easier to expand your waistline without paying attention to the additional pounds. But if your clothing is fitted, you will most certainly feel your waistband stretch when you fail to put down the fork and spoon.

H20 is a Go

Cheers! Fill up your glass and toast the holidays with water. Let it become your best friend for the season. It will help reduce hunger if you drink at least one glass of water BEFORE  you eat anything. At cocktail parties, you may even consider adding food coloring or sugar-free Jello in ice cubes to make your water festive without adding extra calories. Whatever floats your boat — guaranteed, you will be sailing a lot lighter in Newport next summer!

Take heed! These are just a few suggestions. But now is the time for you to create a custom plan for the holiday season, so start thinking about it! It may turn a haunting yowl to a happy howl as you avoid the plaguing pounds from re-appearing on January 1.

Above content provided for your entertainment by the Weight Loss Surgery Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.

November 2015

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