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Spring 2009 edition

Super Weight Loss, Super Grandma, Super Hugs: At last Bonnie Badore can closely hold what is close to her heart. "At 354 pounds, I couldn't even hold my grandchildren. Now I can, she lovingly boasts. "I had to keep my grandchildren at arm's length because of my weight and it tore me up inside." Now, after loosing 210 pounds, holding and hugging her grandchildren tops the list of Bonnies favorite activities.

Where's the Beef in Your Stimulus Package?: Is your body bankrupt of rich nutrients, vitamins, protein, and fiber? Are you experiencing an exercise deficit? Are you at a loss finding alternatives for emotional eating? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a stimulus plan for your well being.

Signature Series: Meet Dr. Benjamin Schneider: Dr. Schneider is a bariatric surgeon in the Minimally Invasive Surgical Services at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and instructor in surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Single Incision Weight Loss Surgery Now Available: Six years after delivering twins, Elizabeth Rousseau topped out at 309 pounds -- and started thinking about weight-loss surgery. Early this year, the Ashland woman and mother of six did something about it. She underwent minimally invasive lapband surgery done a new way, leaving her with only one small scar, and that is already receding into her belly button.

Author's Corner: "Bradley the Dog Who Couldn't Stop Eating" by Linda Trainor
The story is a simple lesson in one of life's greatest challenges, becoming fit and healthy. Bradley is written for children but is an ageless story. Bradley teaches readers to not only confront obesity, but also how to practice a healthy lifestyle for a long and fit life. Grab your fork and spoon and dig into this fun, heartfelt success story of Bradley the dog.

Bariatric Be-Attitude
"Blessed are those who know that a minute on your lips can render years on your hips"

Nutrition Tip: Start your day off the right way... with breakfast!
Learn why eating breakfast is an important factor in weight loss.
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Exercise Tip: Common Exercise Myths.
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