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Fall 2008 edition

Weight Loss Surgery Reunion: Joanne Shepard remembers walking down the hall of her high school to the jeers of students yelling "Earthquake!" as they pretended to be "moved" by her size. On diets since the fourth grade, Shepard admits she was more than 420 pounds at her heaviest.

The Tricks on Treats: The days, weeks and months following this busy holiday season can become a dieters horror-show. Whether you are a Mummy, Pop, Pilgrim, or simply born from a pumpkin patch, you're vulnerable to over-stuffing your gourd post the hallowed day.

Signature Series:
Dr. Hatchingian and Anne M. McNamara are making great strides participating in obesity research and treatments at BIDMC.

The Multidisciplinary Approach to Weight Loss: Defining the Roles of the Necessary Providers
(Courtesy of the Bariatric Times)
Obesity has become one of the gravest health concerns in the modern era. Multidisciplinary care aimed at small steps and practical approaches to lifestyle change can be an effective means of treatment for many patients who find it difficult to lose weight.

Bariatric Be-Attitude
"Blessed are those who Step Off the Plate and into Life"

Exercise Tip: Choosing a fitness center that is right for you.
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Nutrition Tip: Tis the eating season!
Balancing the fun at special occasions without sabotaging your weight loss journey.
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