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Rongxiang Xu, MD, Center for Regenerative Therapeutics

In the fall of 2015, the Department of Surgery received a major gift from the National Rongxiang Xu Foundation. The remarkably generous gift enabled the establishment of the Rongxiang Xu, MD Professorship of Surgery in the Field of Regenerative Therapeutics at Harvard Medical School, and the formation of the Rongxiang Xu, MD, Center for Regenerative Therapeutics through an endowment fund.

In recognition of his international leadership in the field of regenerative therapeutics and wound healing, Aristidis Veves, MD, DSc (pictured at right), serves as the first Rongxiang Xu, MD, Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Veves is the Director of the BIDMC Rongxiang Xu, MD, Center for Regenerative Therapeutics.

About the Center

The Rongxiang Xu, MD, Center for Regenerative Therapeutics provides critical resources to further advance the treatment of patients throughout the world with chronic wounds, burns, and other conditions resulting from a failure of tissue repair and regeneration.

The center also conducts collaborative bench-to-bedside research with investigators worldwide, and educates physicians and scientists internationally about new therapies and the management of the problems they treat. The center also sponsors an annual lecture by a world-renowned expert.

The center is one of a kind. Through research, education, and clinical innovations, the center strives to improve the lives of millions of people around the world suffering from chronic wounds, burns, and other serious conditions.

The center is led by an Advisory Board and a Scientific Advisory Board comprising leaders from Harvard University and the National Rongxiang Xu Foundation.

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About Aristidis Veves, MD, DSc

Dr. Veves focuses much of his research, which also receives funding from the NIH and other agencies, on understanding what impairs wound healing in diabetic patients and using that knowledge to develop novel products that can help promote healing in patients with chronic wounds resulting from diabetes, venous ulcers, and many other serious conditions, as well as burns. Dr. Veves is focusing largely on neuropeptides, protein-like molecules that have many functions in the body. He and his collaborators at BIDMC, the Wyss Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, and other institutions are working on developing new biomaterials, such as topical dressings, that will deliver neuropeptides and other factors to wounds to help promote healing.

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Rongxiang Xu, MD, Center for Regenerative Therapeutics

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Palmer Building, #321A
1 Deaconess Road
Boston, MA. 02215

Video: Elliot Chaikof, MD, PhD, Chairman of Surgery, announces the establishment of the Rongxiang Xu, MD Center for Regenerative Therapeutics at BIDMC.

This video was first shown in January 2016 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, at the Global Conference for Collaboration and Development on Regenerative Life Science.