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Obtaining Study Images

Exam Image Availability

Beth Israel Deaconess' state of the art technology offers immediate access to the images of your radiologic exam. No longer does your physician have to wait to have copies of your films made. Although we can still print your examination on film for you with 48 hours notice, your physician can now review your exam images immediately via the Internet. We offer safe and secure web access for your physician through the Medical Center's Careweb network. Your privacy is assured.

Images on a CD

If your physician prefers, the digital images from your study can be written to a CD-ROM, giving him/her a permanent record that can be accessed easily and quickly via a computer. CDs hold multiple studies and take up significantly less space than traditional film. 48-hour notice is also requested to create this digital record for you.

Versatile Image Viewing Options

Internet access to your studies for your doctor is available immediately after your examination is completed. Copies of your images can be obtained on a CD or on film with 48 hours notice.

Both Internet and CD viewing offer your physician the ability to digitally adjust your images in ways not possible with traditional x-ray film. Using the computer, images can be made lighter or darker or zoomed for better visualization of certain body parts. Your physician can fine-tune the images to accommodate his or her preferences.

Obtaining Copies of Your Images

To receive a CD or film copies of exam images, please follow these steps:

  1. Call 617-667-2519. Press 1 to leave a message or 2 to speak to a service representative. Please provide your name and other identifying information along with the study being requested. With 48 hours notice, we can either create a CD-ROM or print a film for you.
  2. Fill out and sign a Medical Images Release form ( download here). If you are a physician seeking copies of the images for your patient, please sign and submit any appropriate release form.
  3. Fax the completed form to 617-667-7806 or mail it to:
    X-Ray Library
    4th Floor Shapiro Building
    330 Brookline Ave.
    Boston, MA 02215
  4. Pick up your film or CD between 8 AM and 7 PM, Monday to Friday, on the 4th floor of the Shapiro Center located at the corner of Brookline Ave. and Longwood Ave. To protect your privacy, please be sure to bring a picture ID when you pick up your CD/films. If anyone else picks up your CD/film for you, please be sure to give him or her your written authorization to release your information to him/her.

If you would like us to send a copy of your study to a physician outside the Beth Israel Deaconess, we will need a signed release from you along with the study you would like sent and the receiving doctor's name and address. You can fax us that signed release form to the fax number listed above. Please allow us plenty of time to send your films. Generally, it can take up to 10 business days for your doctor to receive them.

Any Costs?

Currently the first set of films is provided at no cost to the patient. Any subsequent study is $8 per sheet. There is no charge for CD-ROMs and, of course, Internet access for your physician is always free.