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Your Health Care Team

Administrative Staff

These are the office personnel. This is most likely the first person you will speak to in the radiation oncology department. They will make all your appointments with the radiation oncologist and will book any other radiological exams you may need (ie. CT, MRI, PET CT, Bone Scans, Renal Scans, Mammograms.) Any referrals for consults, follow ups, simulations or treatments are done by the administrative staff. You will most likely speak to them over the phone before meeting them in the department. They will check you in and get you situated on your first day visiting.

Simulation Radiation Therapist

The board certified simulation radiation therapists will be one of the first treatment people you meet. This will be during your initial simulation. They will be the people that will guide you around the simulation machine and explain to you how your treatment set up will run. They will be taking your photo for identification purposes and photos of your treatment set up for quality assurance. These photos will be confidential and remain in your treatment chart. They will also be administering small tattoos that are a necessity for your daily positioning for treatment.

Medical Assistant

We have one certified medical assistant in our department. They are available right when you come in. This person will most likely be the person that: brings you into the exam rooms, draws blood if necessary, take your weight and vital signs, help with any transportation issues and many other tasks to help make your transition throughout the department easier.


The licensed registered nurses in this department specialized in the care of cancer patients. This person coordinates your care before, during and after your course of treatment. You will have a specific nurse that works with your physician which you will see every "on treatment visit," day. Then they will assist you with any side effects or concerns you are feeling during your treatment. If you would like to see a nurse not on your "on treatment visit day," one will always be available to you.

Treatment Radiation Therapist

These board certified radiation therapists of this department are most likely the people you will see the most. These are the personal that will be administering your radiation treatments prescribed by your physician. Once you are checked into the department and changed, they will be the ones that will lead you from the waiting room and into the treatment room, and then deliver your treatments. These people will also help you with the scheduling of your daily appointments. Any concerns you have during your treatment, your radiation therapist will help you or find the right person to help you.


At BIDMC radiation oncology, we do have a nutritionist available by appointment. Your administrative staff or nurse can help you with this. The nutritionist is a licensed dietician who can help you with your nutritional concerns and questions during your course of treatment.

Social Worker

BIDMC offers various times with social workers. These are licensed professionals with a background in oncology, who can help with emotional support, transportation and financial concerns you may have. Your administrative staff or nurse can help you make an appointment.


If English is not your primary language and you feel more comfortable with an interpreter, BIDMC offers licensed interpreters in over 30 languages, including sign language. These professionals will meet you at the radiation oncology department and follow you through out your visit here. They are also available over the phone and can help clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

Nurse Practitioner

BIDMC radiation oncology also has a licensed nurse practitioner on staff. Instead of your radiation oncologist you may see the nurse practitioner. This person helps the radiation oncologists with things like follow ups or "on treatment visits." They will help you with any concerns or questions you have during your course of treatment.

Resident Physician

BIDMC is in affiliation with Harvard Medical School and has a radiation oncology residency program. The resident physician is a doctor that working clinically to become an attending physician. Our radiation oncologists have residents that will follow and assist the them in various procedures. A resident physician will most likely be present during at least one of your visits with the doctor here. They may partake in an examination or an "on treatment visit." They are here to help you with any concerns you may have.

Attending Physician

The attending physician is board certified in Radiation Oncology by the American Board of Radiology. All BIDMC attending physicians are appointed to the Medical School at Harvard University. The Attending physician is physician that is in charge of your radiation therapy treatments.

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