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  • Sex After Baby

    Posted 6/21/2017 by csweeney
    What?!! Well, yes, let’s talk about it. It’s likely something that you and your partner (if you’re partnered) are thinking about. And for all of the thinking and angsting that we do about it, we spend very little time actually talking about it. S-E-X! There, the elephant in the room is no longer invisible. Let’s get to it. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Celebrating Dads

    Posted 6/15/2017 by csweeney

    Sunday is Father's Day, and an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge all the dads in our lives. During one of our new mom's groups this week, someone asked if anyone had a creative idea for a father's day gift. Many responded that they were putting together photo albums or a picture collage; others making cards with handprints of their baby, all beautiful and thoughtful ideas.
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  • Bathing Baby

    Posted 6/8/2017 by csweeney
    Many new parents face the task of giving baby a bath feeling a bit out of their league. If you’ve never done it before, you may think, what’s the big deal? But, ask any first time parent of a newborn… giving this tiny, slippery, squirming little person, (who is often screaming their head off) a bath can feel, at first, like a very big deal. My advice… until you get some experience under your belt, this task is best approached as a two-person team event. It’s more fun and less stressful that way! Read more... Comments (0)
  • Beware of Dr. Google

    Posted 5/31/2017 by csweeney


    That’s what I tell moms that come to the new moms groups I lead, but I realize how hard it is to follow that advice. It seems so quick and easy when you have a question, or you’re just not sure about something, to turn to Google and see what comes up, but when you are a new mom, it’s really not a good idea to start with Google.

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  • Surviving Colic

    Posted 5/24/2017 by csweeney
    The Witching Hour, the Arsenic Hour … whatever you want to call it, ask any parent of a newborn what the hours between 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. might look like, and chances are high that they will tell you it’s not pretty … a warm, fuzzy Facebook moment … not so much. Read more... Comments (0)
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About the Blogger

Christine Sweeney is a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years experience working with new moms and babies at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is the founder and manager of the Parent Connection, a free support service offered to first time parents to support the adjustment to parenting after leaving the medical center. She is a proud mom of two sons.