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  • Back to Work

    Posted 8/9/2017 by csweeney

    Many new moms returning to work after maternity leave, experience feeling increased anxiety as the return to work date approaches. Even though you may have planned for this reality, researching your options and choosing your daycare provider well in advance, suddenly the reality is here and many women find themselves emotionally just not ready. I often ask the moms who come to the new moms group I lead, if they can specify what it is that they are most concerned about. The response is often the same. The idea of suddenly being away from baby for up to eight hours at a stretch feels unimaginable.
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  • Keeping Your Breast Pump Clean

    Posted 8/1/2017 by csweeney
    Breastfeeding moms, who are going back to work, often describe that apart from the adjustment of being apart from baby for hours at a stretch, one of the biggest challenges of going back to work is pumping breastmilk. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Bonding and Attachment

    Posted 7/20/2017 by csweeney
    Parents about to have a baby will often have very clear ideas, and even written birth plans that focus on enhancing opportunities for early bonding particularly at the moment of birth. Breastfeeding (particularly immediate breastfeeding) is often at the top of that bonding plan, and while it is a wonderful way to feed and bond it’s NOT the only way. Too often I hear from moms deeply distressed as breastfeeding didn’t work for them, or their baby needed to be brought to the NICU, and they are wracked with a sense of failure at the lost opportunity to bond Read more... Comments (0)
  • It Will Change Your Life

    Posted 7/13/2017 by csweeney

    It often comes up in the moms groups I lead…about how much becoming a parent changes you, often in ways that you could not fully comprehend no matter how many books you read, or how much experience with babies you might have had before you had one of your own.
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  • Summertime

    Posted 6/28/2017 by csweeney
    At last, summer has arrived and despite a crazy spring with temperatures bouncing between hot and cold, it feels like we can finally count on some consistency with some warmer temperatures! If this is your first summer with baby, you may have questions about sunscreen and concerns about exposing your baby to sun and heat. Read more... Comments (0)
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About the Blogger

Christine Sweeney is a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years experience working with new moms and babies at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is the founder and manager of the Parent Connection, a free support service offered to first time parents to support the adjustment to parenting after leaving the medical center. She is a proud mom of two sons.