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Who Will Provide Your Care?

Primary Care Physician

Each patient in HCA has a primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP coordinates your care along with members of your care team. Since HCA is affiliated with BIDMC and Harvard Medical School, medical, nursing, and social work students may participate in your care. We are a major training site for medical residents, doctors specializing in internal medicine. All our resident physicians and students are extremely skilled and closely supervised by our staff physicians, nurse practitioners, and social workers. Patients see their PCP for routine visits.

Multidisciplinary Team Caregivers

HCA is organized into multi-disciplinary teams to better serve our patients. Team caregivers consider not only the physical, but also the psychological, social, economic, and educational issues that may contribute to your health. As a patient here, you will have the support and knowledge of your entire HCA team.

If your PCP is unavailable when you call, another caregiver on your team can address your needs. Many of our physicians participate in clinical teaching or research programs that contribute to excellent patient care. We aim to schedule patient visits with your PCP or primary care team. For urgent care visits, patients may see another staff physician, a medical resident, or a nurse practitioner.

In addition to your PCP, other team members include the following:

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners play a vital role in your medical care and work closely with your primary care physician. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. They take health histories, give physical exams, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illness, and prescribe medications. Their focus is on wellness, health promotion, and education.

Registered Clinical Nurses

Registered clinical nurses work closely with you and all members of your team to assist with questions and to determine how best to meet your immediate health care needs between regularly scheduled appointments.

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) work with you and your health care team by providing direct patient care during scheduled appointments with your provider, or during regularly scheduled Nurse Clinic appointments.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our clinical pharmacists work closely with your team by offering general medication counseling and consultation, support for patients with barriers to appropriate medication use, and education on self-monitoring.

Interns / Residents

Interns/residents are medical doctors who recently graduated from medical school. Interns are in the first year of a three-year residency at BIDMC. When these doctors transition into the second and third year of the residency program, they are called residents.

General Medicine Fellows

BIDMC is one of six sites of the Harvard Medical School General Medicine Fellowship. General Medicine fellows are graduates of residency programs who are doing additional training in public health and research methods. While in training, residents and fellows are supervised by HCA staff physicians.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

If you have any mental health needs, licensed clinical social workers have Master's degrees in clinical social work and are licensed therapists. They treat a full range of mental health conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress disorders
  • Coping with a medical condition
  • Marital problems

Community Resource Specialists

Community resource specialists are knowledgeable about support services in the community. They facilitate communication between community-based services and medical providers; help patients apply for benefit and entitlement programs; coordinate transportation; and make referrals to services such as meal programs, substance abuse treatment, indigent drug programs, home services, emergency shelters, and education/employment training.

Support Personnel

Support personnel also enhance your experience with us. Practice Representatives greet patients, prepare appointment paperwork, and help schedule follow-up visits or specialty appointments. Medical Assistants will begin your visit by checking vital signs, documenting any concerns, asking any medically relevant questions, and escorting you into the exam room. They may also assist the clinician with any medical procedures that happen during the visit. Our team of Phlebotomists will focus on your comfort when the collect specimens for lab work. Patient Service Representatives in our call center assist patients by phone. Behind the scenes, administrative assistants and office managers monitor systems to improve the efficiency of our practice.

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