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The Digestive Disease Center Team

Meet Our Team!

The team here at the Digestive Disease Center of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is comprised of over 30 gastroenterologists, all of whom are also on the faculty at Harvard Medical School.  The breadth of their knowledge and experience has led to international renown and made the Digestive Disease Center one of the most distinguished in the country.  The faculty is also noted for their achievements in research and teaching, high quality of care, and compassion for their patients.

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Simon Robson, MD, PhD- Chief of Gastroenterology

Nezam Afdahl, MD
Harry Anastopoulos, MD
Michael Apstein, MD
Tyler Berzin, MD
Adam Cheifetz, MD
Catherine Cheney, MD 
Sanjiv Chopra, MD 
Ram Chuttani, MD
Michael Curry, MD 
Richard Doyle, MD 
Kenneth Falchuk, MD
Myron Falchuk, MD 
Sarah Flier, MD
Steven Freedman, MD
Tahereh Ghaziani, MD
Douglas Horst, MD 
Gail Kaufman, MD
Ciaran Kelly, MD 
Susan Kelly, MD
Michelle Lai, MD
Gerond Lake-Bakaar, MD
Thomas Lamont, MD
Daryl Lau, MD
Daniel Leffler, MD
Anthony Lembo, MD
Raza Malik, MD
Alan Moss, MD
Rupa Mukherjee, MD
Mark Peppercorn, MD
Douglas Pleskow, MD 
James M. Rabb, MD 
Stanley Rosenberg, MD
Mandeep Sawhney, MD
Sunil Sheth, MD
Jacqueline Wolf, MD