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Table of Contents

Welcome Page

Navigate through this unique website on celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Each topic has 3 levels to appeal to different readers. Each article is written by the expert clinicians of the Celiac Center and our colleagues and reviewed by an expert celiac gastroenterologist and celiac dietitian. You will find Take Home Messages, handouts, charts, a glossary, quizzes, and resources. Authors, editors, and revision dates are listed, as well.

Introduction to Celiac Disease

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Introduction to Celiac Disease

What is celiac disease? Who gets it and how does it develop? What is non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Read on to learn about the symptoms of celiac disease, associated conditions, and useful medical definitions. It's important to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible if you suspect celiac disease. Find out when it's time to visit a gastroenterologist.

Introduction to Celiac Disease
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Nutrition and the Gluten Free Diet

This section offers detailed information about nutrition for celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Learn the ins and outs of the gluten-free diet and dining out. Master label reading. Understand and avoid cross-contamination. Learn about balanced eating to optimize your health. Recognize problems, such as lactose and other food intolerances, unwanted weight gain, and constipation, and get tips on how to master them.

Stay Tuned for: Common Nutritional Deficiencies of the Gluten-Free Diet, Healthy Meal Planning, Food Intolerances, Diabetes and Celiac, Gluten-Free Vegetarian Eating, Body Care Products

Thriving Gluten-Free

How does having celiac disease affect my quality of life, and what can I do about it? Take home tips to help you save money on your gluten-free grocery bill.

Thriving Gluten Free
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Medical Management

It's important to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible if you have celiac disease. What is the screening process for celiac disease? What's the treatment? What kind of medical follow-up and tests do I need? Read on for information about blood tests, biopsies and follow-up with your doctor and dietitian.

Thriving Gluten Free
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There is a wealth of information about celiac disease on the internet - turn here for reliable resources including established celiac centers and clinics, national organizations and support groups, as well as books, magazines, websites, and apps that are designed to help you succeed in your gluten-free lifestyle.



We've included a glossary to help explain some useful medical and nutrition terms. Specific words in topic pages that need more explanation link directly to the site's glossary. Glossary

About Us was created by the expert celiac clinicians of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, with assistance from expert colleagues and our students. Biographies, disclosures and contact information for the clinicians involved in can be found here. About


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