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Meet Our Team

The specialists in BIDMC's BreastCare Center are highly trained in their areas of expertise. Our goal is to ensure that each patient’s experience here is as effective and as easy as possible.

Our multidisciplinary clinics make it convenient for patients to see several team members at once. While emphasizing the unique needs of each patient, we collaborate with each other to determine the best treatment plan, and take the time to address all concerns patients and their families may have.

Breast Surgery


Nurse Practitioners

  • Kristin Fleischmann-Rose, AGPCNP-BC, MS, RN
  • Jennifer Ford, ANP-BC, WHNP-BC, MS, RN
  • Emily Howland, ANP-BC, WHNP-BC, MS, RN
  • Zinat J. Nassirzadeh, NP, MS, WHNP-BC

Social Worker

  • Barbara Clivio, PhD, LICSW

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Breast Imagers (Radiologists and Technologists)


Radiology Technologists & Support Staff

Many of our highly trained technologists have worked in Breast Imaging at BIDMC for a long time and are well acquainted with our patients. We know some patients are more comfortable when seeing a familiar face for their breast screenings; we welcome (and make every effort to accommodate) requests for a specific technologist when scheduling your regular mammogram.

  • Olga Augustus, Clinical Manager
  • Elena Morozov, Mammography Coordinator
  • Dorothy Sands, Sr. Technologist
  • Judith Adams
  • Elizabeth Cretel
  • Gina Donaher
  • Karen Dowie
  • Juline Horan
  • Deborah Humphries
  • Constance Mulcahy
  • Karen Rice
  • Elena Shimonov
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Janet Vaidya
  • Rosemarie Stanley, Technical Assistant

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Medical Oncologists

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Radiation Oncologists

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Breast Pathologists

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Our experienced, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform various procedures for breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. BIDMC is also one of the few hospitals in the nation to offer two innovative surgical techniques for the management of lymphedema: lymph node transplantation and lymphovenous bypass.

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Oncology Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

Our licensed registered nurses, oncology nurses, and nurse practitioners provide BreastCare Center patients specialized and compassionate care. Our nursing professionals work closely with you and your family to help you learn more about your diagnosis, the tests you will have and any necessary preparations, the procedure or operation you may need, your recovery period, medications, and returning home.

  • Michelle Ciszwiski, NP
  • Rebecca Katz, NP
  • Megan Lynch, NP
  • Laureen Moss, RN 
  • Ryan Sullivan, NP

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Oncology Social Workers

Oncology social workers specialize in caring for those with breast and other cancers. We offer counseling, support groups, educational programs, and services that can help with everything from financial and transportation concerns to talking to your children, coping with your emotions, and live with cancer. We seek to empower you and your family, and to reduce your stress through all phases of your cancer treatment.

  • Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, OSW-C, Manager, Oncology Social Work
  • Barbara Clivio, PhD, LICSW, OSW-C
  • Frank McCaffrey, LICSW, OSW-C
  • Laura Brigham, BS

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Cancer Risk Genetics

Our genetic counselors provide you with information about your risk of inheriting cancer, the risks and benefits of genetic testing, how you can reduce the chance of developing related cancers in the future, and how you can increase the chance of early detection.

Medical Oncologists

Licensed Genetic Counselors

  • Phil Connors, MS, CGC
  • Kim DeLeonardis, MS, CGC
  • Lauren Hogan, MS, CGC
  • Stacey Hogan, MS, CGC
  • Jill Krejdovsky, MS, CGC
  • Lindsey Stobie, MS, CGC

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Nurse Navigator

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a difficult and challenging experience. There are many types of treatment options to discuss and appointments to schedule. We want to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible. As a patient of the BreastCare Center, you will be paired with a nurse navigator who will help you coordinate your appointments, treatments and services. You’ll be able to contact your navigator directly if any questions arise.

  • Kimberly Maurer, RN, BSN
  • Ellen Ohrenberger, RN, BSN

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Cancer Patient Navigators

Our patient navigator program helps simplify the health care system for patients with cancer who speak little or no English. Patient navigators are compassionate guides who will accompany you and provide help and support from diagnosis through treatment. The patient navigator may share your cultural background and language. The trust that builds between you and your navigator can help you feel secure enough to build your own relationships with caregivers. Patient navigators help coordinate physician appointments and treatment, while also handling all related details, including:

  • Transportation to appointments
  • Arranging for interpreters
  • Explaining and translating written materials
  • Assisting with applications for entitlement services such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and food stamps
  • Helping with community-based services such as homemaking and legal services

Our patient navigators include:

  • Ana Marin
  • Christina Ho

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Rehabilitation Specialists

Patients with cancer can have many different medical conditions that often result in muscle weakness, decreased endurance, and loss of balance and mobility. Our physical therapists can help you return to your highest level of independence. If you have had a mastectomy (surgical breast removal), we can help you regain your strength.

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Contact Information

BreastCare Center
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Shapiro Clinical Center, 5th floor 
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-667-2900
Fax: 617-667-9711