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Breast Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, our multidisciplinary team of experts is ready to care for you and your family/caregiver every step of the way. After you meet with our specialists, we will conference together to review your information and combined recommendations for care.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, our team of specialists is here to hold your hand through treatment and beyond.

Our radiologists present your imaging studies and our pathologists review the results of your tissue biopsy. Breast surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, and nurse practitioners voice their opinions. Together as a team — focused solely on you — we reach agreement on the best treatment options for your particular breast cancer.

Before you leave our BreastCare Center, we will provide you and your family/caregiver with a comprehensive plan of care. This written plan describes your treatment and follow-up recommendations. Our clinic and multidisciplinary conference offer you an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment to:

  • Enhance diagnostic accuracy
  • Provide the most appropriate care, based on the location and extent of your breast cancer
  • Give you the broadest range of treatment choices
  • Personalize your care, and address your questions and concerns

Whether you see one of our surgeons or visit our multidisciplinary clinic, where you meet with more than one breast specialist at once, you can expect:

  • A thorough physical examination
  • A complete review of your existing imaging studies
  • A discussion about next steps and what is right for you

Contact Information

BreastCare Center
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Shapiro Clinical Center, 5th floor 
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-667-2900
Fax: 617-667-9711

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