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Financial Cost of Breast Cancer

Posted 10/7/2013

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  Cancer is expensive. In the very best of circumstances--someone with a solid financial base and good insurance--there are unexpected expenses and probably lower income. For everyone else, and that is almost everyone, it is worse.

  Over the last few years, most peoples' insurance costs, even for good coverage, have sky rocketed. Most people have high deductibles and high co-pays. Then there are the directly associated expenses of gas to get to appointments and parking (which at city hospitals can be a lot) and a wig/hats/scarves and maybe expensive food if it is the only thing that seems edible. Add the less directed expenses of childcare and lost/lower income and hiring people to do tasks you ordinarily do yourself....and it is expensive.

  This is a sobering and important essay from Forbes about this issue:

The Financial Side Of Cancer: What It Really Costs
By Emily E., as told to Nora Zelevansky
We published this personal story about Emily’s
battle with breast cancer in honor of October,
Breast Cancer Awareness month. Emily chronicled
her journey through her blog, The Bright Side:
Breast Cancer at 31, bringing to life the highs, lows
and very human experience of being diagnosed with such a serious disease at
such a young age.
In this essay, she reveals another side of illness not often explored—the toll it
takes financially. Emily passed away on September 27, 2013, at the age of 35.
We are proud to tell her story and to remember Emily, who we knew and



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