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Podcast with Good Summary of ASCO

Posted 6/27/2013

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  For several weeks now, I have been sharing various reseach studies that were presented at the annual ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) meetings in Chicago in early June. Each year, something like 28,000 people attend the meeting to hear about everything going on in cancer, and there are usually a few significant presentations. The most recent blockbuster was in 1998 when the first results of the Herceptin clinical trials were presented--and received a standing ovation (pretty much unheard of in scientific circles).

  There was nothing of that import this year, or almost every other year, but there were some important things. For women with breast cancer, those include the equal efficacy of weekly Taxol with DD (dose dense) Taxol in adjuvant therapy and more information about some targeted therapies. From ASCO's own CancerNet comes this podcast which is a complete and well presented summary.

  In this podcast, we give an overview of the research presented at ASCO’s 2013 Annual Meeting that combines the management of side effects with cancer treatment. Here is the link:


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