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Facebook and Mastectomy Photos

Posted 6/17/2013

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  This is a story that you either will find important or completely trivial. Apparently there has been a simmering controversy about mastectomy (I think with or without reconstruction and maybe other smaller breast surgeries, too) photographs being posted on Facebook. Those in favor of the pictures presumably feel that it can be helpful information for other women and that it destigmatizes the surgery. The opposing views are obvious.

  This is the full story from the Daily Dose and includes a link to vote your opinion:

06/12/2013 | 5:35 PM
Facebook changes policy to allow post-mastectomy photos By Deborah Kotz / Globe Staff
After facing a wave of criticism over its handling of mastectomy photos, Facebook has finally clarified its policy in writing. The social media site
had taken down photos that users posted of breast cancer patients baring their scars and reconstructed breasts because they violated its legal
policy of not posting content that contains nudity.
Scorchy Barrington, a New York-based woman diagnosed with end-stage breast cancer, garnered more than 21,000 signatures on her
petition asking Facebook to “stop censoring photos of men and women who have undergone mastectomies.” She recently had a conference call
with Facebook executives, which led Facebook to clarify its policies on mastectomy photos.
Patient advocacy groups like the Scar Project have seen their photos taken down repeatedly from their pages or had themselves temporarily
barred from Facebook for posting topless women baring their scars or reconstructed breasts.
Facebook’s mastectomy page says sharing treatment photos “can help raise awareness” about breast cancer and help support those living with
scars and added that the “vast majority of these kinds of photos” comply with their policies.
But Facebook will still ban photos “with fully exposed breasts, particularly if they’re unaffected by surgery,” since they violate Facebook’s Terms.
In a press statement, Facebook executives said “they only review or remove photos after they have been reported to us by people who see the
images in their News Feeds or otherwise discover them. On occasion, we may remove a photo showing mastectomy scarring either by mistake, as
our teams review millions of pieces of content daily, or because a photo has violated our terms for other reasons.”
What do you think of Facebook’s policy on posting mastectomy photos? Post a comment or answer our poll below.
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Do you agree with Facebook's policy on mastectomy photos?
No, it goes too far
No, it doesn't go far enough
Yes, it's just right

(Note: link may be especially helpful if you want to vote, and my blog does not present itself as electronically able to facilitate that. I can never tell when I am in the process of posting exactly what will show up)


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