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A Smile for the Day

Posted 6/23/2013

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  Unless I can convince you that anything that contains the word "sex" or "bra" or "breast" is relevant to this daily blog about living with breast cancer, you will just have to forgive me for this one. Some months ago, I suggested that Sunday's entry would sometimes be lighter, so let's assume that this continues that theme. Maybe a hot summer Sunday can be even more frivolous.

  A friend sent me this because we share a similar sense of humor and admiration for Joyce Wadler. I met Ms Wadler a couple of years ago when she wrote the NY Times article about our little house in Maine. Since then, I try to read everything she writes and am never disappointed.

  Here is the start of this essay which is sure to make you smile. I give you the beginning and a link to read more. Enjoy.

Where Did You Go for Your Bra, Mrs. Robinson?

The guy who is now the official boyfriend told me he’d like to take me shopping for lingerie last
weekend. I declined, which was a probably a mistake, because the next thing you know, driving
back home to Tennessee, he is sending me a picture of the fishing rod he has just bought for me
and speaking enthusiastically about trout fishing. I have never in my life fished and I do not
relish either slamming a fish’s head against a rock or releasing it after tearing up its mouth,
which I figure is also no great pleasure for the fish.
There is nothing wrong with my lingerie, by the way. I just prefer shopping for it alone. I don’t
mind spending a lot of money on it, either. This winter I passed the $100 bra mark, which I
swore I would never do. It reminded me of what they say about killing a man. The first time you
do it you’re nervous and you have to psych yourself up, but after that it’s easy.
Still, the boyfriend shopping invitation got me thinking that maybe I should get something
special for the next time he visits — that stuff you see in Victoria’s Secret ads on the women
with masses of hair and partly open mouths whose expressions suggest they exist in a parallel
universe where all they do is get ready for sex.

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