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Know Where your Donations Go

Posted 7/19/2013

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  The world is full of scams, and some of the most heinous ones are related to cancer. We have all occasionally heard news of an individual who has been convicted of lying about a cancer diagnosis to raise money for personal needs/dreams. There are also many organizations that may be slightly less sleazy but surely do not make the best use of donations.

  After a cancer diagnosis, many of us are moved to donate or even raise money for cancer research. There are many walks and other events that purport to raise money, and many of them actually don't give much of that money to research or patient needs. The movie Think Before you Pink ( did a marvelous job of exploring the marketing of Pinkness and its core focus on money-making, not on breast cancer support. If you haven't seen it, I could not more strongly suggest that you do.

  I am thinking about this because of this excellent article from Cure Today about paying attention to where you spend your cancer donation dollars. There surely are a number of excellent breast cancer organizations that need our help. A few include Living Beyond Breast Cancer, National Breast Cancer Coalition, and Breast Cancer Action. There are many local groups that are always looking for support, and it often feels good to help close to home. If you are in the Boston area, local suggestions could be my Patient to Patient Fund (full disclosure: we help people with all kinds of cancer), and the Ellie Fund in Newton.

  Here is the start of this article and a link to read more:

Know where your donations go
Posted At : June 17, 2013 12:23 PM | Posted By : Kathy LaTour

The Tampa Bay Times did a story on the country's worst char i t ies, and it won' t
surpr se you how many are for cancer .
These aren' t charities that are trying their best to help, these are charities that are
t rying their best to get you to give them money so they can l ive an expensive
l i festyle. They have no intent ion of helping anyone. They just want you to think
they are so they can get your money. (You can read the ful l story here.)
Charities that don' t do what they are supposed to wi th donated money are a
par t icular issue of mine because the mi l l ions and mil l ions of dol lars that they bilk
f rom honest people in the name of t rue pain and suf fer ing makes me . . . wel l i t
makes me really mad. The repor ter did a l i t t le math and came up wi th these
f igures for the top 100.
$970.6 mi l l ion cash paid to solicitors - - $380.3 mi l l ion cash to the charit ies - -
$49.1 mi l l ion to direct cash aid - -
I f you are going to make a donat ion to a charity, do your homework. First , read up
on these worst charitiesand see how they run their scam. x/kathylatour/2013/6/17/Know-where-your-donations-go


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