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Posted 7/10/2013

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  I am asking your patience and forgiveness this morning for a brief entry. If you have been reading this blog over the past few days, you are aware that I am away and working remotely. There is a fancy complicated system that connects my laptop, wherever I may be, with the computer on my desk at BIDMC, so, while I am typing here, it is hospital computer that is doing the work. This system took almost a full day and two different IT experts to set up some months ago, and it is not without its problems. I suspect that many of those problems are actually related to the slow internet service ("fast satellite", the best we can get) we have here, but it is incredibly frustrating.

  As long as I am willing to spend time, quite a lot of time, just typing, something shows up here. The minute, however, that I try to cut and paste or even include a link, everything falls apart. This is more than made up for by the view. The tide is coming in on Goose Marsh pond, so I am watching the water change almost minute by minute. There is a family of ducks, two adults and 6 babies, who are swimming in a very straight line. (pretty impossible to get human children to line up like that!) I also see an ospry circling and diving and many seagulls. Think I just spotted a seal's head, although I am not confident of that identification. The best way to distinguish a seal from something else is its very quiet and smooth wake.

  All of that is backgground to saying that I have just seen ASCO's new patient guide to breast cancer, and it is expansive, understandable, and excellent. Here is a link to either read it online or download the PDF and print it out.


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