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A New Resource

Posted 1/14/2013

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  For a number of years, I have been delighted to tell women about the website that provides an easy, secure online way to organize help. This website is useful to people going through all kinds of difficulties. I have heard of its use after accidents, housefires, all kinds of illnesses. Begun by a man whose wife had been a patient of ours, this tool has been so very helpful to many.Most of us have groups of friends who want to help and may well not know one another. This translates to overlap and confusion and sometimes three dishes of lasagna being deliverd on the same day.

 I just learned of a similar website that is only for people with cancer. Because it is focused on a single problem, this site has a number of other features (in addition to organizing) help that can be useful.

  This similar new site,, is wonderful. Here is a description of what it can offer and a link:

Diagnosed with cancer?

In 1997, at the age of 27, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc ovarian cancer. One of the most exhausting things for me was keeping my friends and family updated on my progress during treatment. Concerned friends and family wanted to help, so they left messages to see what they could do. I could never keep up with answering phone calls, individual emails, or organizing the help requests. So a regrettable memory from my cancer experience was feeling out of control in the communications area.

There's a better way now. With the widespread use of the internet, you can reach almost everyone by creating a website. I am a big believer that if you harness the power of your own personal community, this support will carry you like a wave up and over the difficult diagnosis, the treatment process, and beyond.

Through my own experiences with cancer, I realize the importance for cancer patients and their caregivers to have an easy way to communicate with friends and family. strives to give you the tools necessary for connection, inspiration, and healing.

Please consider setting up and using a free website as close to diagnosis as possible. I think this will enhance your cancer experience and really be something you look back on as one of the best things you did to start the healing journey.

– Marcia Donziger Cancer Foundation Founder
   and Cancer Survivor

   p.s. See a working "demo" site at


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