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Yoga in Tulum

Posted 8/13/2013

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  As summer draws to a lingering close, here is a chance to think about a warm weather vacation in January. I have known Fanny Barry for more than a decade; she was treated at BIDMC for breast cancer and then changed her life. Many of us think/dream about what we might do differently, and she did it--transformed herself from a New England engineer to a Mexican yoga instructor, wellness teacher, generous healer of women post breast cancer.

  She has written a charming series of small books called I Wish I Knew ( that you can download and has opened her home to women after treatment. I have known several of those women who came back to Boston tanned and rested and feeling infinitely better than they did before the trip.

  Fanny is now organizing a special week of healing and yoga in Tulum next winter. Here is more information about it, and I urge you to consider giving yourself this gift.

Destination YogaThis year’s fantastic yoga vacation is January 25 to February 1, 2014 at gorgeous Behla Tulum, Tulum, Mexico. Contact us for more details and to register:

If u come to Tulum, I teach regularly at Maya Tulum or you can book a session either at your hotel or at the open air yoga space just behind my Zen Casita. Contact me for more information.

If you want to see how I practice and teach, here is a beautiful practice at Maya Tulum with some very beautiful people: Sarah, Matt and Linda. You can hear my voice well and if you close your eyes and imagine, you can hear the sea. The video is accessible from Vimeo, a great free uploading program that seems to work:


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