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A Must Read Article

Posted 8/9/2013

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  Unless this is your first visit to this blog, you know my views on complementary therapies and may be rather bored with the subject. Please stick with me a little longer and read this incredible article that was first published in Der Spiegel and has won all kinds of awards.

  Titled In the Jungle of the Miracle Healers by Bernard Albrecht, it is an incredible story of one woman's (one very lucky woman, I would point out) experience with a series of alternative treatments as well as an exploration of the larger issues. Here is lead and then a link. If you read only one or two things, ever, ont his blog, please do read this: 

 In the the jungle of the miracle healers

It was her own fault that she lost her chance to be cured. Or was it? This article, which was first published in the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, and won its author a Best Cancer Reporter Award, explores what makes people choose alternative over conventional treatments.


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