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  • Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

    Posted 11/7/2013 by hhill
      If this holds up with further research and testing, it is a really big deal. Finding a way to allow chemotherapy drugs to cross the blood brain barrier and reach the brain has been a goal for decades. As you may know, standard chemotherapy drugs cannot infiltrate this barrier, so they don't reach the brain. Since the brain is a possible site of mets (meaning that the cancer cells are able to cross that barrier), this has been an important and scary problem. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Progress in the Treatment of Brain Mets

    Posted 6/20/2013 by hhill
      For many of us, the mere thought of brain mets is terrifying. Many women have told me that this is their biggest fear, that is feels even worse than thinking about the possibility of mets to other important body parts . Certainly we "live" in our brains in a different way than we do in our livers, and the obvious impairments that can happen are very distressing. In the early years of working as an oncology social worker, brain mets pretty much lived up to their terrible reputation. If this happened, suffering ensued with death not so far behind. That is no longer true. Blessedly. Read more... Comments (0)

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