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  • Risks of Hospital Mergers

    Posted 7/9/2014 by hhill
      Perhaps an extra meditation session or at least some deep breathing would help. I have been struggling with the internet and locked screens and errors ad unfathonable disappearances and lapses for almost an hour before reaching this point. I think the only rason that I haven't given up or thrown the omputer out the window is because of the view. It is impossible to be totally stressed or frustrated while watching an osprey dive for fish or the bobbig heads of two seals who are playing in our cove. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer

    Posted 7/8/2014 by hhill
      Clinical trials are often of interest and importance to people with all stages of cancer. Men and women with advanced/Stage IV/metastatic cancers may be the most interested for obvious reasons. Once cancer is no longer curable, it is especially important to understand all possible treatment options. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Cancer as Very Ancient History

    Posted 7/7/2014 by hhill
      This is a fascinating and quite discouraging piece from Plon, Germany. The gist of it is that archeologists have discovered the remains of cancer cells in very ancient organisms. Their conclusion is that cancer has been around as long as their have been multi-cellular creatures. On one hand, I find this reassuring as it confirms what a very, very complicated problem cancer is. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Integrating East and West

    Posted 7/6/2014 by hhill

      As the remnants of Hurricane Arthur blew over our island, I was glad that I had mentioned that it might not be possible to post daily. We had no internet service for more than 24 hours, but were relieved not to lose any other power--and very relieved that our little cottage held. Awakening in the middle of the night to what sounded like a train, a wet train, bearing down upon us, was somewhat disconcerting What winds! What water! My husband had left a large glass outside the previous day and it was full of water when the storm ended.

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  • Writing on the 4th

    Posted 7/3/2014 by hhill

     Today is July 3rd, and I posting a second blog, pretending that it is tomorrow. If you are a regular reader, you know that I occasionally post ahead when I know that a particular day is going to be busy or otherwise difficult for this purpose. In Maine, I am more wary about the 4th than I would otherwise be because the internet connection at our cottage is so bad, and it takes me so very much longer to accomplish this daily entry.

      The weather forecast, sadly for tomorrow is also not so good, and when it is cloudy, our satellite connection is even spottier and slower than usual. Today the sun is out, and things are going along fairly well, so I am taking advantage. If we get lucky with the weather tomorrow, our plan is to spend the day sailing.

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