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  • When You Need to Travel for Care

    Posted 7/31/2014 by hhill

      Living in Boston, one of the world's medical meccas, this comes up much less frequently than it does for other people. We live in a place with hospitals that care for people from all over the world. For most of us in the greater Boston area, the logistical difficulties have to do with traffic and parking, not with traveling long distances.

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  • Scientist Chooses Science First

    Posted 7/30/2014 by hhill
      I had some trouble (as you, no doubt, could tell) with a title for this entry. I am fascinated by the decision made by Dr. Kimberly Koss about her breast cancer treatment. Diagnosed with triple negative disease, reportedly the recommended treatment was neoadjuvant chemotherapy. "Neoadjuvant" means having at least some of the planned chemotherapy prior to surgery. This is a not uncommon situation and frequently suggested for women with large tumors or aggressive cancers. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Weight and Prognosis

    Posted 7/29/2014 by hhill
      The issues of weight and exercise are recurring themes with the inevitable conclusion that both matter. Sadly, there are no easy solutions to losing or maintaining weight, and it is even harder for post-menopausal women and/or women who are taking one of the hormonal therapies. Very honestly, at least for me, it seems a triumph to just keep weight steady. Losing it is really difficult. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Possible Major Hormone News

    Posted 7/28/2014 by hhill
      This is a first study from Texas Tech University that suggests that carefully chosen hormones can improve both survival and quality of life in women (including ER positive women) post breast cancer. If this study holds up when it is replicated, it may eventually be a treatment game changer. Like everything else, this must be considered with a big grain of salt and the recognition that it is a single study with mice--that is, any results or changes are very far from prime time. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Giving up Control

    Posted 7/27/2014 by hhill
      For many, if not most, of us the loss of control that always accompanies cancer is one of the hardest challenges. The biggest out of control is prognosis, but there are all sorts of smaller challenges: scheduling appointments, not being sure when we won't feel well, hair loss, periods of intense anxiety. Read more... Comments (0)
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