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  • Late Recurrences

    Posted 9/22/2014 by hhill
      The good news about breast cancer is that there are effective treatments and many women go on to live long and healthy lives about diagnosis and treatment. The bad news about breast cancer is that it can, especially certain subtypes, recur years or even decades later. The "five years and you are cured" scenerio does not apply to us. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Blog Update and More on Bold and Bald

    Posted 9/21/2014 by hhill
      Many thanks to you all who responded to my request for comments about possible changes to this blog. If you didn't see that entry, I reported that there were funding changes afoot, and that it was not clear that this blog would be continued after September. I was trying to convince "the powers that be" to find another way, and planning to move my daily contirbutions off site to something ike if necessary. Read more... Comments (1)
  • Be Bold Be Bald Campaign

    Posted 9/20/2014 by hhill
      Perhaps I am just old and bitter and cynical, but here is another campaign that is jaw-dropping in its insensitivity. Be Bold, Be Bald invites everyone to wear a cute little flesh cap on October 17th, of course letting a few tendrils of lovely hair escape, in order to show solidarity and support with people undergoing cancer treatment? HUH? Read more... Comments (0)
  • Managing Hair Loss

    Posted 9/19/2014 by hhill

      First, thank you to all who responded to yesterday's post about National BRA day. FYI: I was in touch with the wonderful Chief of Plastic Surgery at BIDMC, and he was equally upset and said he would respond to his organization about it.

      Today's entry is a repeat about managing hair loss.  I have had three requests this week from blog readers who asked for this information, so there may be others out there who would like to have it, too.

    Read more... Comments (0)
  • Pink October Gets Earlier and Uglier

    Posted 9/18/2014 by hhill
      First, many thanks to Casey for bringing this particularly heinous piece of pink to my attention. If you have read this blog during the fall of other years, you are aware of my intense dislike of the whole PInk October campaign. What was once, 20 or so years ago, a legitimate effort to bring breast cancer into the public conversation has become a marketing tool for anyone who wants to grab a piece of the cancer action. Read more... Comments (1)
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