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Posted 9/21/2016

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  As Cat Stevens reminded us, Morning has broken, like the first morning...  

  And so it is at Wonder Well as I sit to gaze at the mountains. The sky is cloudless; the early chill has gone, and there are faint hints of scarlet and gold among the trees. The apple tree near the back porch is heavily laden, and the large vegetable garden is daily producing more bounty than can be easily eaten. The true blessing, however, lies with the people here, both those who work at this haven and those of us who are now here together.

  I have moved into the back dining room to write, but I hear the laughter from our group in the other room. We had made to order omelets and roasted sweet potatoes and strawberries and zucchini bread, and fruit and coffee or tea, so the conversation is happy and sated. Not enough thanks can be given to Donna who cooks for us and clearly puts a big pinch of love into each dish.

  I arrived yesterday in the late morning, time enough to set up, make my bed, put out the goodie bags and then sit quietly in the sun, almost meditating, to await arrivals. As I wrote yesterday, we are a small group, smaller than hoped for, but it turns out not to matter. That isn't quite right as I miss some of the women who had hoped to be with us, but we are doing just fine. The magical coming together happened, as it always does, during the long conversation after yesterday's lunch. By the time we stopped talking, the room was full of comfort and affection.

  There was then time to relax. A couple of women took a walk; most of us ended up on the large back porch, moving chairs around to avoid too bright sun. We read or napped or talked quietly Tea was in some mugs and early wine in some glasses. About 6, dear Donna appeared with hot appetizers (and the bite size pizzas with a cauliflower/egg/parmesan crust and then garden tomatoes and herbs and cheese were spectacular!), and most of us moved on to wine. And much laughter.

  The small group has meant that it feels somewhere in between the more familiar retreat vibe and a girls' getaway. Most getaways, of course, don't include the chanting meditation that Donna led after dinner. What a way to be metaphorically tucked in for the night. 

  I left the curtains open, so that I could see the star-filled (wow wow wow) skies and awaken to the mountains. Since I always get up before 6, I didn't set an alarm and assumed that I would awaken in plenty of time for the 7:00 morning meditation. Nope. Tomorrow I will set the alarm.

  We are now awaiting the arrival of several wonderful people (thank you DJ and Pat and Barbara) from Mind and Bodi Yoga who will lead us through gentle yoga and meditation and optional Reiki for the rest of the morning. Our treasured day continues.


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