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Sad and Lovely

Posted 9/13/2016

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  My intention today was to write a much longer entry, but then I saw this from Common Health and knew it was more important than anything I might write. This is an article about Dr. Kate Granger who died from cancer in her early 30s--and Tweeted all about it.

  There may be mixed reactions to her decision to so publicly share her experience, but her wit and wisdom and grace shine through every word. Lessons to us all. Here is the start and a link. Please read it.

Remembering The Doctor Who Tweeted Her Terminal
Illness -- And Changed Practice

 By Paul McLean

Kate Granger was only 31 when she told me in an email, “I’m going to die in
the next few months.”
"Hope you had a wonderful Christmas," she added a bit later. "Mine was just
Kate did not die as quickly as her bleak cancer prognosis led her to expect, and
she pursued more aggressive treatment for her sarcoma than she thought she
There were more holidays to celebrate, more patients to meet and treat, a
national movement to launch, little ones to become auntie to, letters to chemo
to write, a queen and prime minister to pose beside, and a precious getaway or
two with her husband.
All of it shared with a Twitter following that has reached 48,500. She would get
a chuckle knowing her following has grown even posthumously.
But there are no more holidays for Kate. As wrong as the prognosis was in days,
it was right about the result. Dead right. If that seems tasteless, Kate would
have appreciated it. She might have tweeted it.


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