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Best and Worst Things Conversation

Posted 9/27/2016

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  Some of you are aware that we launched an online support community several months ago. Not surprisingly, but discouragingly, it has been hard going to attract enough participation to keep it interesting.

  Therefore, we are attempting a big push today to get people using it. I so believe that this can be a wonderful support resource for us all. Please join us.

 This online discussion group is designed to help patients, families, friends, clinicians and caregivers connect to support each other and share information. Here’s the link.


To register, click the “Join now” button on the upper right and follow the prompts. All you will need to do is choose a username and password and provide your email address. You can choose a non-revealing username if you wish to participate anonymously. You can join the general “Living with Cancer” discussion and/or any of the focused discussion groups on the right.

Just a reminder that starting today, we’ll be trading stories about

            What were the best and worst things people said when they learned you had cancer?


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