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Letter to Caregivers

Posted 10/7/2016

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  Ok, this isn't about cancer, but it is close enough. You may already have seen this letter from Peter Demarco to the doctors, nurses, social workers, everyone (and he, bless him, specifically mentions the housekeepers) who cared for his young wife while she lay dying in the ICU.

  It is a heart-breaking, wonderful, soulful, beautifully written letter of love and gratitude. As I read it, I thought of all the small acts of kindness that I have observed over the years. Examples: the pathologist who puts the slide into the microscope and adjusts it and then pauses and says a prayer each and every time: Please help me get this right. The transport staff who sing to patients as they are rolled to the OR or a CT scan or who told me they always pause outside of a room and say a prayer for the patient whom they are about to help. The nurses who bring in coloring books and toys for visiting small children whose parent(s) are too distraught or too poor to supply them. The many staff it takes to arrange a wedding or a graduation in a hospital room because the involved person is not going to be alive on the actual date.

  Get out the Kleenex, but read this:


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