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Bidens Moonshot and Politics and Money

Posted 11/28/2016

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  First, yes I know that the title should be Biden's...., but the system rejects a blog title with any punctuation. We all know what a wild ride politics has been over the past year, and now there is another issue with which to be concerned. Will be new Administration support Vice President Biden's proposed Moonshot?

  The President-Elect has not made any statements about the Cancer Moonshot, but absolutely everything is up for grabs, so there are efforts underway to protect this program. The lame duck Congress is considering a proposed medical innovations bill that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars for this effort. If it passes, we can take a semi sigh of relief. If it does not....

As Trump prepares for office, Biden’s ‘moonshot’ against cancer hangs in the balance

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden’s cancer “moonshot1” is in serious jeopardy following Donald Trump’s election, but there may be hope for it yet.
The president-elect hasn’t said anything about the initiative, launched by the Obama administration earlier this year, and his aides didn’t reply to multiple requests for comment. But the lame-duck Congress is making a last-ditch effort 2to pass a medical innovation bill that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for the effort. And if that money is approved before Trump is inaugurated, there might not be anything the new president could do, even if he wanted to stop it.
“This is not all about Donald Trump,” Rush Holt, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said at a recent briefing in Washington, discussing several medical research projects started under President Obama. “Programs once they’re started have an inertia.”
Supporters are putting their hopes in the lame-duck legislation for the same reason.
“If we can get the moonshot funded this year, there is a reasonable chance we could keep it going and maintain support for the moonshot moving forward,” said one health care lobbyist working to sustain the program.

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